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Teaching Philosphy -

What it is and Why it Works

My method has been developed through countless hours of study, practice, determination and experience. My coaching emphasizes the importance of discipline in these areas. I incorporate sound fundamentals, efficiency of gun movement,visual focus and mental focus into a technique that works and works consistently. My system has evolved over the years through shooting with and against the best in the world. It is learnable and fosters success and self-confidence. If you are willing to put in the time and effort it will improve your shooting and your scores.
My coaching will involve you in a complete program to improve your shooting and your ability to compete. You will learn the best technique for your sport, how to practice CORRECTLY and how to compete to the best of your ability. You will not leave your session with no idea of where to go from there; you will have “homework” to keep you moving forward between sessions. My success and that of my students proves that with good techinque, hard work and the will to win, success is obtainable.

My Equipment List

Shotgun: Perazzi MX 2000 | 34” barrels | Fixed chokes (I-Mod and Full)

Ammunition: Clever Mirage | For Sporting – 1 1/8oz 1330fps 7.5 | For FITASC - 1oz 1330fps 7.5

Shooting Glasses: RE Ranger | Frame design – | Lens – | Color-HD Red

Traps: Promatic

Clays Cart: EZ GO | Gas motor

Vest: Shoot The Moon

Range Bag: Perazzi
Coaching one of my most successful students, David Radulovich.
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